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Chatham Grown Gemstones

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Chatham Gemstones are a stunning addition to any one of our rings! These Lab created gemstones duplicate what is found in the nature and have identical chemical properties. They are an affordable way to own a beautiful gemstone at a fraction of the price of a mined gemstone.

Are Chatham Created Gemstones real? Or are they artificial?

Chatham lab-grown gemstones are cultured. Natural ingredients are placed in an environment created to duplicate nature. Once the required combination of chemical and environmental factors is created, gemstone crystals grow over the course of about a year (the exact length of time depends on the variety). As a result, the crystals have physical, chemical, and optical properties that are identical to those found in nature.

Can I tell the difference between created gemstones
and mined gemstones?
Unless you’re a certified gemologist with a powerful microscope, you won’t be able to tell the difference between Chatham-created and mined gemstones.

Why do Chatham gemstones and diamonds look better
than their mined counterparts?
They are created unfer laboratory conditions, computer controled temperatures. Foreign materials found in the earth are also eliminated from their starting chemicals. This makes the crystals growth more predictable and consistent.

Are there cost savings with lab-grown gemstones?
The price difference between Chatham and mined gemstones of similar quality can be dramatic.

Does Chatham offer a warranty?
Chatham provides a Lifetime Warranty for all Chatham-created gemstones. Chatham will gladly repair or replace your stone at no charge if it should chip or break under ordinary circumstances, or if any defect in the workmanship or materials become apparent.

Are these stones enhanced or color treated?
No. All of Chatham’s gemstones are grown in a lab under a controlled environment producing the most vividly saturated color possible. The chemical structure and coloring agents are the same as its mined counterparts.

Are lab-grown gemstones as durable as mined gemstones?
Yes. In fact , Chatham stones are more durable because they have fewer inclusions than most of their mined counterparts. The hardness of Chatham’s stones are exactly the same as their mined counterparts. In addition, Chatham's Lifetime Warranty is something you will not find for any mined gemstone.

Are lab-grown gemstones “green”?
The production of Chatham's lab-grown gemstones does not require moving large amounts of earth like mining. There is also no chance of drinking water pollution. Crystal growers do use energy and chemicals derived from the earth, but the carbon footprint of crystal growth is a small fraction of natural gemstone mining.

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